For landscapes to be treasured for a thousand years.
Lovingly looking to a blueprint of Japan, we connect dots in the past and present to those in the future. Then, we seek to imagine a picture of Japan which we will be proud of in the distant future, even in a thousand years’ time.
Our aim is to produce such a unique landscape one by one, which will continue to captivate your heart. We call our attempt One Thousandth Action.


People are breathing. People are living their lives.
A new structure has come into being, resulting from an architect’s act of dotting and drawing lines on a blank sheet of paper. Two structures will never be built alike.

The same holds true for landscapes. As people are strolling and chatting, a breeze blows and a ray of light shines on a place. All of which will breathe life into the area; cultivating a one-of-a-kind culture unique to the town.

However, what’s been happening with the present vistas in Japan? Some areas have long cherished their own local characteristics. Whereas predictable, cut-and-dry landscapes seem to be increasingly rife, making us feel a sense of emptiness and restlessness.

We at Senbunnoichi, meaning one thousandth, have taken action to preserve the past heritage, protect the present scenery and produce future landscapes. With an unconventional spirit, we extend our affection to every corner of our communities to create new values. Hoping that a prosperous Japan boasting an abundance of beautiful treasure will still live on even into the next millennium.




01Design studio

As a design studio, Senbunnoichi designs a wide range of buildings, from bijou stores to large-sized commercial complexes spanning over 4,000 square meters.
Near the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto, Senbunnoichi undertook the renovation project for KONDO MUSEUM. The museum features major works of Yuzo Kondo, the renowned master of Kiyomizu ceramics who was designated as a living national treasure in the field of blue and white ceramics, along with works by Kondo’s three descendants.

In Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Senbunnoichi refurbished a half-century-old building into a coffee house, called IRUMANDO COFFEE. This converted café project was awarded a silver prize for the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD, which is the top spatial design award in Japan.
In Nagoya, Senbunnoichi has designed a range of facilities: a café called TT” a Little Knowledge Store, featured in A BEAMS GUIDE TO NAGOYA; and a commercial facility composed of row houses in Shikemichi district, where one of the main venues for the Aichi Triennale Art Festival in 2019 was erected.

02Mirai Design Lab (Future Design Lab)

Senbunnoichi runs Mirai Design Lab which conducts planning and research on future cityscapes. In 2019, Mirai Design Lab planned and held a student competition, entitled “Creating Future Landscape—Design the richness of a town toward the Reiwa Era” under the sponsorship of Chuden Real Estate and with the cooperation of DENSO CORPORATION. Students competed, proposing their ideas and schemes for a future town design on an existing site of over 10,000 square meters.。

Mirai Design Lab also acts as a laboratory open to society. Inviting experts from various fields and holding lectures, this institution works on creating many community attractions and sharing them with the pubic.

03Hoshigaoka Tenmondai

Hoshigaoka Tenmondai (which means an observatory) is a town design project established to shed more light on the Hoshigaoka neighborhood, Nagoya. This conceptional observatory explores diverse “stars” who shine not only around Hoshigaoka but also in the Tokai region. Stars include products and events, as well as the people who create them. Setting up a working lounge within Hoshigaoka Terrace, a shopping mall, this project has been putting into practice many ideas to energize this area.

In 2019, the project launched Hoshigaoka Culture Festival as an experimental event. On the festival day, the project team closed the public street running through the Hoshigaoka Terrace off to all traffic and held an art event to bring about new cultural values to this district.
As one of the co-founders of Senbunnoichi, Shinichi Mamiya also runs seminars at Aichi Shukutoku University, where college students continue to enjoy opportunities to engage in such community activities.